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Before migrating – as everybody else – to the Cloud, you should ensure that some security aspects are very clear with the CSP (cloud service provider) that you choose.

Although the platforms are more and more reliable and the expectations higher and higher, pick a supplier which meets the minimum requirement:

  • Centralized data: In order to reduce the surface exposed. This concentrates the security measures.

  • SSI ecosystems: a single method of SSI is not enough. Your supplier must offer an arsenal: DLP, SIEM, mobility…

  • ISO Standards: The Internet is no longer a town without a Sheriff. Many standards and labels are ruling. ISO 27,001 and ISO 27,018 are the standards of data protection.

  • Governance: make sure that the main administrator of your account has every right to access, edit and delete, without limitation. They must be able to manage your information at any time.

  • ‘Privacy by Design’: make sure that the privacy policy of your supplier is transparent, clear, solid and locked.

THEDATASAFE is a Swiss Cloud service provider which offers high security and SaaS, also a flexible and transparent provider for its customers.


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